Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmat Allah wa BarakatohWe have now upgraded MuslimMuslima and added new security features as well as new modifications for all our members to enjoy.  You now have the ability to write in Arabic as well as in English.Message storage has now been increased to 500 messages from 100You can now create your own blogs in Arabic or in English.We take your security very s… Read all
Al Salam AleikumWe have introduced new security measures to ensure your safety and protection from scammers.  Now, when a member sends you a message, you will clearly see which country the sender of the message is actually located in.  Please be very careful and aware that there are scammers on the internet.  Do not send any money to any strangersDo not give personal information, in… Read all

Scammers on MuslimMuslima

Al Salam Aleikum,Our dear and most beloved brothers and sisters,Allow me to personally thank you for choosing as your place to find your soul mates and may Allah grant your wish with blessings.Please be advised that even at you may come across scammers who use fake profiles to try and steal money from you.  If you are asked to send money to anyone, please d… Read all