Scammers on MuslimMuslima

Al Salam Aleikum,

Our dear and most beloved brothers and sisters,

Allow me to personally thank you for choosing as your place to find your soul mates and may Allah grant your wish with blessings.

Please be advised that even at you may come across scammers who use fake profiles to try and steal money from you.  If you are asked to send money to anyone, please do not under any circumstances send anything without knowing the person you are sending the money to, regardless of the amount.  We cannot be responsible for your losses, please be very cautious and use common sense.

The scammers or thieves will do everything to try and deceive you, they will lie and they will fabricate complex stories, Allah gave us all a mind so please think very carefully and never send money to someone you do not know.   Most of the scammers will ask you to contact them outside our website, please try to keep your communications with potential partners here on so that there is a record of your communication should there be a need to further investigate a matter.

Never send your passport details or ANY personal details about yourself to anyone you do not know.

If you are approached by a scammer, please report him/her immediately.  Please do not compromise your safety and security, never agree to meet anyone unless you are accompanied by a friend or a protector.

Please be safe and if in doubt, contact us for help and assistance, we are here for you.





  • Posted 9 months ago
Fear Allah


  • Posted 1 years ago
Salam Alaykum I'm True men


  • Posted 4 years ago
But how can we differentiate fake profiles from the true ones?
Is there any mechanism to do that?


  • Posted 5 years ago
Assalaamu Aalaikum dear sister!
It will be greatly helpful to us if you could kindly mention the date
our brothers joined this site underneath the profile so we don't have to
send mails to the very outdated profiles because there's a good chance they
would've found their other half & settled by now.



  • Posted 5 years ago
Assalamulaikum. Thanks for the info.
I really appreciate this info. I was almost scams many times but Alhamdulilah Allah make me realised that those people are cheaters and I should no abide to them. Now its really hard for me to trust anyone online anymore.


  • Posted 7 years ago
Syedzakaria, Tyler111
Plis bcareful wth them.They using deen as a point to whom r religious.


  • Posted 7 years ago
assalam o alaykum my sweet sis and bro this site for nikah very best site so safe this ok.i am shoaib.03052641868


  • Posted 8 years ago
Your guidance about cheaters is substancially valuable. I congratulate whole the team of this site. Allah Bless You.