Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmat Allah wa Barakatoh

We have now upgraded MuslimMuslima and added new security features as well as new modifications for all our members to enjoy.  You now have the ability to write in Arabic as well as in English.

Message storage has now been increased to 500 messages from 100

You can now create your own blogs in Arabic or in English.

We take your security very seriously and we will do our best to secure our members.  However, you need to report to us any suspicious activity so that we can take immediate action. 

Please do not share personal details with anyone unless you know them and trust them
Please do not send anyone any money and for any reason unless you know them personally

Please be safe and secure, do not meet or agree to meet with any stranger alone, make sure you take someone with you and that your meeting is in a public place.

Please use your best judgment to protect yourself from scammers

May Allah protect us all




  • Posted 2 years ago
Jazak Allah khair fiduniya wal aaqira


  • Posted 3 years ago
Jazakumullahu kheyran


  • Posted 3 years ago
Jazak Allah khair